Studentship in Engineering, applied physics สำหรับนักศึกษามหาวิทยาลัยเคมบริดจ์ (ป.ตรี โท)



The Managers expect in 2002 to elect one or two George

and Lillian Schiff Studentships, tenable in the

University, for full-time postgraduate work in

engineering, applied physics or related applied


The holders of the Studentships must undertake a full-

time course of postgraduate work in the University

approved by the Managers, in the fields of

engineering, applied physics or related applied

sciences. Applications are encouraged from outstanding

candidates with a background in other disciplines who

now wish to work in these fields, and from candidates

within one of these fields who wish to broaden or

change their work to another aspect or aspects of the

fields. The Managers will take into account industrial

interest. In addition to those who wish to concentrate

on research work, encouragement will be given to

candidates who wish to undertake relevant training in

addition to research work. Applications from

candidates who wish to proceed to the Ph.D. Degree or

other postgraduate qualification in the relevant field

are invited. The Studentships are not normally

intended for support of candidates who have already

embarked on a course of research leading to a Ph.D.

The Studentships will normally provide full cost

support comprising approved College and University

fees (at the Home or EU rate as appropriate) and

maintenance at the standard EPSRC rate plus ?500,

together with any fee approved by the Managers for

training. In fixing the value of the Studentship,

account will be taken of other resources available to

the Student, including other awards held. The

Studentships will normally be held, subject to

satisfactory progress, for the prescribed duration of

the course. In accordance with the wishes of the

benefactor, preference may be given to candidates who

are British nationals.

An application form and forms for referees are

available from the University Registry, The Old

Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TN. The closing

date for receipt of applications and completed

reference forms is 31 May 2002.

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