Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry)

Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry)

Thermal Storage for Built Environment

(ARC Linkage Project LP0210017)

An APA(I) is available within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of

Melbourne for a PhD.

Project summary:

Thermal storage systems with Phase Change Materials (PCM) offer an exciting new way to reduce the energy

required to cool and heat buildings. The PCM used has a freezing point around 20C, thus allowing cool summer

night air to freeze the PCM overnight. During the day warmer outside air is cooled significantly as it melts the

PCM. PCM systems can be retrofitted to existing systems to precool the outside air, and thus significantly reduce

the energy required to cool a building. This project

deals with design, simulation and optimisation of this kind of thermal storage system. A laboratory

prototype system will also be built and tested.

As a PhD candidate the student will manage the simulation model, design the PCM test rig and the

laboratory scale prototype system. The student will also carry out experimental monitoring program and use

computational fluid dynamic software.

Applicants should have an interest in heat transfer and fluid flow, possess strong analytical skills and should

have a first degree with appropriate Honours 1 or higher 2A in, engineering, computer science or science. An

industrial experience is desirable but not compulsory.


Standard APA(I) rate, A$ $22,283 p.a. (tax free) is available and it is possible to supplement this through

marking and laboratory assistance.

Applications: Any time before 30 April, 2002.

Commencement Date:

Negotiable (must commence work on the Project between 1 January 2002 and 31 October 2002).


Dr Lu Aye, International Technologies Centre (IDTC), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The

University of Melbourne, Vic 3010.

Ph: (+61) 3 8344 6879, fax: (+61) 3 8344 6868

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